HudsonAlpha – Assembly and Annotation Group Leader

The HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (formerly with the Stanford Human Genome Center) is a group of nearly 30 people primarily involved in assessing, assembling, improving and finishing eukaryotic genome sequences. We are now applying knowledge gained from finishing three human chromosomes to understanding a wide range of eukaryotic plant, vertebrate, fungal and algal genomes.

We are currently searching for an assembly and annotation group leader. The successful applicant will lead the efforts of the assembly group, comprised of 2-3 computational biologists. This group leader will be responsible for leading this team in building whole genome shotgun assemblies, validating and screening these assemblies, improving the assembly pipeline and algorithms and integrating new types of data into the assembly process. They will also be responsible for creating a modest sized genome annotation system that can be applied to small eukaryotic genomes. This position is a hybrid position that includes both a production aspect (building and releasing whole genome shotgun assemblies) and a development aspect (improving the assembler and working with next generation sequencing data for assembly and annotation).

The successful applicant will work in close collaboration with our group leaders in sequencing, Finishing and informatics and will need to use a strong combination of scientific expertise, reasoning, data analysis, organization, and people-interaction skills to meet these ambitious goals. The group leaders, along with the principal investigators of the center, will be expected to represent the center at local and national meetings, write progress reports and contribute the preparation of grant applications.

Qualifications: A B.S. degree is required. Applicants must also have extensive computational experience specialized in whole genome shotgun assembly and genome annotation. They must also have a prior demonstrated record in assembly development and experience leading a diverse team of informatics professionals to build and improve complicated data analysis systems. Prior demonstrated experience using Arachne2 for whole genome shotgun assemblies and working on complex plant genomes is desired.


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