The Memory and Mobility Fund: understanding causes rather than just symptoms

There is an urgent need to change the course of neurological disease research. At HudsonAlpha, research teams are investigating the genetic factors in neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer disease and dementia, that cause neurons to die. While some advances have been made in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer disease and dementia, we need to learn much more about the mechanisms and genes associated with these diseases so that more can be done to slow or reverse disease progression or to prevent disease from ever happening. The HudsonAlpha Foundation has established the Memory and Mobility (M&M) Fund to support genomic research of neurological diseases. The first research project, led by Richard Myers, PhD, and his team, will sequence the DNA of more than 1,550 patients to pinpoint the genetic causes of Alzheimer disease and dementia. Understanding the genetic causes will enable researchers to identify promising treatments, earlier diagnostics, and hopefully a cure. We also understand that all neurological diseases are interconnected, so this project will help us better understand related neurological diseases such as Parkinson disease, ALS and Huntington disease. A discovery in one can lead to new advancements in others.


We also will use our expertise in immunogenomics (applying genomic technologies to better understand the immune system) to shed light on these diseases. By researching the immune response of Alzheimer patients, we can generate a picture of health – something we call the immune repertoire – that can allow clinicians to detect disease long before symptoms appear or are recognized, possibly making early drug therapies more effective.


Proceeds will benefit The M&M Fund within the Scientific Advancement Fund of the HudsonAlpha Foundation.

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