Making a donation in honor or in memory of someone is an extremely meaningful way of advancing the mission of HudsonAlpha, while paying tribute to a loved one. Tribute gifts provide important support to our scientists in their journeys of DISCOVERY, accelerating their efforts to improve human health and quality of life. When you make a gift in honor of a friend, family member, colleague or neighbor, we send the honoree a card advising him or her of your thoughtful gift. If yours is a memorial gift, we send a similar card to the person’s family.

There are three ways you can make a tribute gift:

  • Online
  • By calling the HudsonAlpha Foundation at 256.327.9446
  • Mail a check and tribute information to:

HudsonAlpha Foundation

601 Genome Way

Huntsville, AL 35806


Honorarium Gifts

Tribute NameGiven By
Avis GunterDonna Coon
Brian KuceraJoyce Rehfeld
Candace OzerdenDonna Coon
Connie BurnsideConnie Burnside
Frank VaughnLynne Berry
Ginger BishopLinda Davis
Harriet ButlerLynne Berry
Jane SmithLynne Berry
Julian ButlerLynne Berry
Kathleen DottsLynne Berry
Kathryn BroadLynne Berry
Mildred CaudleLynne Berry
Neil LambGeorge and Laura Hamilton
Pam GordonFrances Huffman
Philip DottsLynne Berry
Radhika KakaniBhavani Kakani
Ruth Von SaurmaLynne Berry
Sam EidtJean and Honey Berry
Scott StaggLiz and Bob Stagg
Swapna KakaniKrishna Kakani
Van Valkenburgh & Wilkinson RealtorsSuzanne O’Connor
Voncille ClearyJohanna Cleary
Voncille ClearyJohanna Cleary
Voncille ClearySusan Sommers
Wayne BonnerLynne Berry

Memorial Gifts

Tribute NameGiven By
Alexander SloanePatricia Sampson
Barbra HublerAlison Macdaniel
Barbra HublerArcher Malmo friends
Barbra HublerErin & Alana Campbell
Barbra HublerExplore God
Beryl BowenCarey Oliver
Carla KingSam and Lucia Eidt
Charles RhodesBeth Wise
David ColeNatalie and Darrin Hasley
Donald LaneyShirley Laney
Erynn ShowersFirst United Methodist Church, Martha Dotzheimer Class
Frank WillisRoy Willis
Fred HuffmanFrances Huffman
Gibbs McCormickCarole and Richard Hamm
Glenn SlaytonJamie Jones
Harry SmithAlex Igou
Jack DavisLinda Davis
Jack TuckerLynne Berry
Jane MartinCarter Martin
Jean StottleRobert Stottle
Jim MyersRonnie Myers
Joe BerryJean Berry
Joe BerryLynne Berry
John RobinsonLouise Robinson
Kathy Van NettaKaren and David Petersen
Lenda WoodyMargaret and Mack Vann
Lenda WoodyNita and Jim Lewis
Louis PhillipsMichelle Scott
Margaret HaklarDana Town
Richard MayMarion May
Robert BrothertonCarl Grote
Robert BrothertonCati Diamond Stone
Robert BrothertonClaudia and Bill Klus
Robert BrothertonDr. and Mrs. Alex W. Johnson
Robert BrothertonElmer Field
Robert BrothertonJudy Nelson
Robert BrothertonKaren and David Petersen
Robert BrothertonKay Brotherton
Robert BrothertonKim and John Johnson, Elizabeth, Emory and Jack
Robert BrothertonKitty and Jay Simmons
Robert BrothertonLinda and Willie Fitzpatrick
Robert BrothertonLorna and Joe Mitchell
Robert BrothertonMary Powers
Robert BrothertonMr. & Mrs. Don Craft, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Craft, Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Craft, Mr. & Mrs. James Craft
Robert BrothertonMr. and Mrs George F. Wheelock
Robert BrothertonNancy and Ray Sheppard
Robert BrothertonPignataro Dental
Robert BrothertonShirley and Howard Brotherton
Robert BrothertonTad, KC, Henry, Lucy and Alice Templeton
Robert BrothertonTerry and Herb Lewis
Robert BrothertonWalter Grundy
Sarah AshburnCarol Roach
Scott SeatorPam and Hal Paynter
T. Joe AkinLynne Berry
Yvonne ScottMichelle Scott

The HudsonAlpha Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the supporting entity for the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. Tax-deductible contributions to the foundation are for the sole purpose of advancing the mission of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. 

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