Research — Our scientists have made great strides in our central research areas of cancer, childhood genetic disorders, immune system disorders, neurological and psychological disorders and agriculture and bioenergy. In 2013, their findings appeared in nearly 50 prestigious scientific publications.

Education — In 2013, the total number of individuals impacted by Educational Outreach efforts at HudsonAlpha totaled more than 270,000 worldwide. This number includes teachers, students and members of the general public. Many of the 270,000 impacted are concentrated within the state of Alabama.

Enterprise — Now with 23 associate companies on the Cummings Research Park Biotech Campus, HudsonAlpha is building a solid foundation for success as a destination for life science companies. Operations officially began 701 McMillian Way— HudsonAlpha’s newest building—modeling the growth we hope to facilitate among our associate companies in the future.