HudsonAlpha Educational Outreach

Education Level:  High School Sophomore or above, Undergraduate

Hours per Week:  15-40

Number of Positions Anticipated:  5


The Sample to Sequence program is intended to introduce students at an undergraduate and/or high school level to the growing field of metagenomics and the many procedures and techniques used for its study. Students will collect environmental samples (primarily soil) and extract genetic material from the microbial inhabitants within. The 16S ribosomal DNA will then be amplified from the extracted genomic DNA and cloned into a DNA library. From this library, the amplified material will be sequenced and identified by bioinformatic techniques.

Note: This is an unpaid internship.

Specific Requirements: 

  • Enthusiasm for and interest in laboratory techniques specific to genomics
  • For more detailed information please see the Sample to Sequence information page here.