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The Institute’s 153-acre campus and 270,000-square-foot facility was uniquely and deliberately designed with collaboration in mind. Scientists, entrepreneurs, and educators are co-located in the same facilities, the design of which minimizes visual barriers and spatial distances in order to encourage dialogue and intellectual exploration. The Institute’s creation was, itself, a collaboration between philanthropists, entrepreneurs, researchers, and local, state, and federal officials.

To that end, HudsonAlpha seeks to bridge the gulf between ideas and discoveries generated in laboratories and their movement into the marketplace where they can benefit patients and society. The institute has mechanisms in place to develop multifaceted relationships with industry research partners to facilitate sponsored research collaborations, technology transfer, and the licensing of intellectual property.

Adjunct Faculty Investigator Program

Collaboration is an essential activity of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The Adjunct Faculty Investigator Program creates opportunities for scientists who are not HudsonAlpha employees to participate in the HudsonAlpha community.

The adjunct faculty designation recognizes scientists with primary faculty-level appointments, or equivalent, elsewhere whose work will benefit from the HudsonAlpha environment and will contribute to the achievement of HudsonAlpha’s mission. Adjunct faculty investigators participate in all HudsonAlpha programs and may, under particular circumstances, have designated laboratory space at HudsonAlpha, depending on the nature of the collaborative research.

HudsonAlpha welcomes self-nominations for adjunct faculty investigator status.

Learn more about our Adjunct Faculty Investigator Program

If you would like more information about partnering with HudsonAlpha, please contact us.

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