Redstone Rocket highlights Information is Power initiative

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is offering free and reduced cost genetic cancer risk testing to men and women in North Alabama through the Information is Power initiative.

Sara Cooper, PhD, faculty lead for Information is Power, sat down with the Redstone Rocket to discuss how more than 4,000 people have participated in the initiative and know more about their cancer risk.

“More than 50 percent of people who received a positive result, which means they have an increased risk of cancer, did not have a strong history of cancer in their family,” said Dr. Sara Cooper, a faculty investigator at HudsonAlpha who leads the Information is Power Initiative and runs a lab that conducts cancer research. “For example, for the vast majority of breast cancer there is no genetic reason that we know about.”

HudsonAlpha donor Nancy Archuleta also spoke with the Redstone Rocket about why she supports cancer research at the Institute.

“You really become aware of your insignificance almost. It’s so very important to know everything you can know about it and that is why I will tell you what HudsonAlpha is doing is taking you to the next level of awareness,” she said.

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HudsonAlpha’s Tie the Ribbons event will support breast and ovarian cancer programs like Information is Power. Join us in the fight against cancer and register today for Tie the Ribbons, taking place Nov. 7 at the Von Braun Center North Hall: