Local artist takes top honors in DNA Day art competition

Congratulations to Yuri Osaki

Art and science have a wonderful pairing in the winning work created for the 2010 HudsonAlpha DNA Day Art competition.  BIO101, an oil painting on canvas created by Huntsville artist Yuri Osaki, took this year’s top honors and a $1,000 cash award.

BIO101 is a visually stunning work,” noted Neil Lamb, director of educational outreach. “The judges were captivated by the mix of classical and high-tech imagery and the rich colors.”

In her submission materials, Osaki wrote that she wanted to cover a wide range of biotechnology themes such as molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and embryology. “I depicted a human body to represent the history of humans and biotechnology, plants to represent plant science, a mouse embryo for embryology, round objects as cells and finally, DNA for genetics. The square shapes crossing each other suggest the relationship of these categories.”

Five finalists included Clare Frank Hairstans of Montgomery; Ashley Savage of Mobile; Rachel Suhs of Madison; India Truman of Huntsville; and Linda Wade of Madison.

“We were thrilled with the number and diversity of art submissions we received for this year’s contest,” said Lamb. Artists spanned the state and ranged from high school students to professional artists.

The artwork will be displayed at the institute as part of the DNA Day Art Exhibition, April 23 through May 31.