"I knew I had DNA in my body, but I didn’t know I have bacteria in my body, too, besides DNA. This camp made me want to be a scientist!"

– Alex Cazier, 6th grader

“I met a lot of friends who share the same interests as me in the biotechnology field and mentors who’ve inspired me to pursue a career in biotechnology.”

– Sasha Thalluri, New Century Technology High School

Field Trips

Build exciting behind-the-scenes experiences for students with field trips to a regional university, laboratory, science or education center. As budding researchers explore the scientific discoveries happening in their own region, they get a sneak peek into a modern lab and the everyday work of a scientist.


Create opportunities for students to investigate real-world lab equipment and techniques through locally hosted summer camps. Engaging summer programs immerse future scientists, healthcare providers and entrepreneurs in current and emerging STEM career opportunities. With an emphasis on fun, camps help instill curiosity and can awaken young minds to the excitement of scientific discovery.

Extracurricular Programs

Shape and introduce immersive after-school programs that prepare students for independent thinking about cutting-edge science content. Enrichment activities outside of the classroom provide a safe and individualized learning model to support future scientists.

Classroom Programs

Energize classrooms in your area through visiting scientists who facilitate a network of traveling lab experiments. Small group classroom interactions give students an opportunity to learn real-world lab skills from approachable STEM professionals.