"I knew I had DNA in my body, but I didn’t know I have bacteria in my body, too, besides DNA. This camp made me want to be a scientist!"

– Alex Cazier, 6th grader

“The thing I liked best about Biotech Academy is the diverse lab experience and wide range of experiments that we were able to do. The instructors explained each lab well, and I feel this experience has prepared me for future lab work.”

– Biotech Academy Graduate

Community Courses

Give your entire community – business leaders, lawmakers, educators, physicians, and students – access to learning opportunities that keep them informed of advances in genetics and genomics that could affect their lives. With a publicly available seminar series delivered by experts in science communication – and possibly broadcast live online – you can empower members of your community with knowledge while simultaneously developing support for STEM educational opportunities and workforce development.

Community Projects

Consider engaging local community members and organizations with a project to catalogue local fauna and flora and celebrate your region’s biodiversity with a technique called DNA barcoding. Your students could even identify new species or find a plant or animal unique to your region!