The HudsonAlpha mobile app iCell is used in all 50 states and 142 countries around the world

Digital interactives

Enhance understanding of life science content for learners of all ages with thoughtfully designed activities that students can explore on an interactive digital platform. We can train your educators to incorporate our in-house-developed digital platforms in their classrooms, or we can work with you to develop new solutions that your teachers and students can use at home or at school.

Mobile apps

The future researchers, engineers and healthcare professionals who are in your classrooms today rely on their mobile devices for communication, entertainment and education. Meet them in their comfort zone with learning opportunities they can carry in their pockets. Whether on tablets for the classroom or BYO devices, mobile apps provide easy access to life science learning.

Online educational games

Integrate web-based educational games – known as serious games – into classrooms in your region to provide teachers an engaging resource that will have their students excited to learn. Imagine an online educational game that students want to use at home and at school! Work with us to develop your own serious game or let us train your educators to use one of our games in their classrooms.

Healthcare resources

Enhance the power of genomic medicine for patients and physicians in your region with a powerful online communication and education platform. Patients can use the software to complete their initial paperwork, fill in family history, and engage in educational activities. Physicians can communicate with their patients and share educational resources that could help a family learn about their diagnosis and treatment options.