"As someone interested in research, education and direct patient care, being able to see during my HudsonAlpha rotation how someone can work in all those areas as a genetic counselor was priceless!"

– Amy Donahue, University of Wisconsin student

"I have gained a better understanding of genomic medicine and the immense impact it will have in the future on health as the knowledge base for genetics continues to grow."

– Courtney Schroeder, University of North Carolina student

Pre-health professional education

Improve tomorrow’s healthcare: Prepare your aspiring healthcare professionals to incorporate genomic medicine into their practice with immersive educational opportunities. Create programs that give nursing students, pre-health undergraduates or genetic counseling students a solid foundation in genomics content and clinical practice.

Healthcare professional education

Help clinicians and healthcare providers in your region understand when and how to adopt genomics discoveries by developing local training opportunities. Provide additional value by offering learning activities that qualify for continuing medical education credits.

Patient education

Shape the future of healthcare in your region by providing patients with the resources they need to learn how genetics and genomics are being implemented in their care. Introduce an online platform that hosts educational resources such as videos, animations and graphics, or offer public events that allow patients to learn more about genomic medicine.