"I love the ChromoSocks® kit, and so do my students! I use it to teach mitosis and Mendelian genetics, and the socks are a tactile way for the students to study the movement of the chromosomes."

– Stephanie W., High School Biology Teacher

Learners retain 5% of material presented through lecture. Hands-on participation, on the other hand, can lead to as much as a 75% retention rate.

– NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral

Classroom Kits & Activities

Provide students in your region with hands-on kits and activities that allow them to interact with scientific content and discover solutions to a problem. With private-label or commercially available kits, we can help your educators incorporate meaningful learning experiences into their classrooms. Our kits and activities – tested and approved by science educators across the country – provide engaging and memorable learning experiences through which students achieve a clearer understanding of genetics, genomics and biotechnology-related content.

The activities and kits address a variety of genetics-related content, including:

  • Cancer
  • Genetic Variation
  • The Central Dogma of Biology
  • Mitosis, Meiosis and Cell Cycle

To help your teachers seamlessly include these resources in your local curriculum, invite our professional education team to provide training for schools in your region.