Library Construction Group Leader

The HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (formerly with the Stanford Human Genome Center) is a group of nearly 30 people primarily involved in assessing, assembling, improving and finishing eukaryotic genome sequences. We are now applying knowledge gained from finishing three human chromosomes to understanding a wide range of eukaryotic plant, vertebrate, fungal and algal genomes.


We are currently searching for a library construction group leader. The successful applicant will lead the experimental efforts of the library construction group, comprised of six to ten research technicians. This group leader will be responsible for leading this team in performing sophisticated molecular biology techniques including: large scale DNA isolations, plasmid shotgun library construction, transposon and shatter library construction and other more specialized library construction techniques. This group leader will also be responsible for implementing new techniques where appropriate and adapting protocols to meet goals of current projects. Additional responsibilities include data analysis, library tracking, project planning, troubleshooting and work flow optimization.


This group leader will be expected to perform experiments in the laboratory, while training and supervising research technicians. The successful applicant will also work in close collaboration with our group leaders in sequencing, finishing and informatics and will need to use a strong combination of scientific expertise, reasoning, data analysis, organization, and people-interaction skills to meet these ambitious goals. The group leaders, along with the principal investigators of the center, will be expected to represent the center at local and national meetings, write progress reports and contribute to the preparation of grant applications.


Qualifications: A B.S. degree is required. Applicants must also have extensive molecular biology experience or experience that combines molecular biology and bioinformatics. They must also have a prior demonstrated record in the area of plasmid library construction and specialized library construction techniques. Experience in the construction of cDNA and/or BAC/fosmid libraries is highly desirable. A demonstrated record of scientific accomplishment, leadership and team participation is required. Evidence of experience in hiring, supervising, and evaluating research technicians is strongly preferred. Computer experience with Microsoft applications, Internet sequence analysis tools and UNIX is preferred.


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