Hundreds learn about genomic messages in Biotech 201

Recorded sessions available online

More than 675 online and in-person attendees participated in the free public Biotech 201 seminar series held in February this year at the Jackson Center on the HudsonAlpha campus. This year’s topic, “Deciphering Our Genomic Messages,” addressed how genomics could impact health and wellness.

In four sessions held every Tuesday in February, Dr. Neil Lamb, HudsonAlpha’s vice president for Educational Outreach, discussed the wide variety of available genetic tests, including paternity, forensic, ancestry, diagnostic, carrier, pharmacogenomic, cancer, complex disease and elective tests. He also discussed when to test and the future of genetic testing. Finally, the series addressed the clinical, ethical and legal implications of information discovered in our genome.

“I greatly enjoy and appreciate the Biotech series and am very impressed with Neil Lamb’s teaching and speaking skills,” said Sharon Gardepe, MD, a Biotech 201 attendee. “During the course, Dr. Lamb explained cutting-edge technology with sensitivity toward the social and ethical implications that could arise as scientific breakthroughs are applied to medicine and other aspects of everyday life,” she said.

Jim Gardepe, PhD, attended the series with his wife. “The content is very thought-provoking,” he said, “and leads us to discuss some of the issues well beyond the hours of the program itself.”

In addition to the weekly sessions at the Jackson Center on the HudsonAlpha biotech campus, more than 375 attendees participated in the seminar via a live webstream, which was open to the public this year. HudsonAlpha educators were available to answer questions on the webstream page. The recorded sessions are available on HudsonAlpha’s Livestream page.

“I hope our attendees are now able to separate hype from reality regarding genomic sequencing,” said Lamb. “We want them to enter this new era of personalized medicine with the tools to make educated choices about how to incorporate any of these types of genetic testing into their decisions about health and wellness.”

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