HudsonAlpha genetic counselors provide tools to make health care decisions

Do you know how genetic testing could impact your health care? The genetic counselors on the Educational Outreach team contribute to HudsonAlpha’s in-house expertise on how genetics, genomics and biotechnology are applied in a clinical setting. For GeneChat – HudsonAlpha’s DNA Day celebration on social media – Whitley Kelley answered questions about why she became a genetic counselor and how she helps educate members of the public on the ways genomic information might affect their health care decisions.

Want to learn more?

For those who want to explore these topics in detail, HudsonAlpha’s genetic counselors recommend an excellent webinar series developed by the National Society of Genetic Counselors. Each webinar in the “Genetic Counselors and You” series is presented by genetic counselors on a wide range of topics, and registration is free for all guests.

“Many of the webinar topics in this series overlap with questions we frequently hear from the public,” said genetic counselor Whitley Kelley. “Ultimately, we’d like to see everyone have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions using their genetic and genomic information.”

The next webinar in the series is “My Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease: Is the Answer in My Genes?” on June 27 at 7 pm. The presentation will provide an overview of Alzheimer’s disease, the role genetics plays in disease risk and how genetic testing for Alzheimer’s differs from other types of genetic testing.