HudsonAlpha celebrates DNA Day with social media #GeneChat

In celebration of DNA Day 2016, HudsonAlpha’s educational outreach team hosted #GeneChat – a social media blitz – on April 22. For the event, participants from across the HudsonAlpha campus, including the associate companies, took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to interact with students, teachers and the public. They explained what they love about working in the field of genomics research and biotechnology and answered live questions from students.

The event doubled the number of visitors to the HudsonAlpha social media pages and reached an estimated audience of over 37,000 people across the three educational outreach platforms.

HudsonAlpha scientists responded to questions about everything from twins to veterinary medicine to the genes that control for height.

If you missed the conversation but want to catch up on the discussion, visit the educational outreach social media page.

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