APPLE volunteers honored at HudsonAlpha

APPLE volunteers gathered for a reception in their honor on April 19 at HudsonAlpha. APPLE (Advanced Placement Program for Learning Enhancement) program educators and volunteers bring the equipment, materials and resources needed for Enzyme Catalysis and Transformation labs to advanced life science classrooms in the Madison County metro area. Emanuel Waddell, PhD, associate professor and associate dean of chemistry at the University of Alabama in Huntsville joined Neil Lamb, PhD, and Dasi Price, who leads the APPLE program at HudsonAlpha, in thanking the 55 volunteers who have made the program such a success. Under the guidance of project coordinator Helen Lien, PhD, APPLE educators and volunteers interacted with more than 500 students from 15 area high schools.

“The APPLE program would simply not be the same without the dedication of our volunteers who help promote STEM education in local high schools,” said Lamb. “We appreciate their service and recognize them for the contributions they’ve made to advance science education.”

APPLE program volunteers increase the teacher/student ratio for the high school laboratory exercises to one teacher for every four students. Students also have the opportunity to learn more about STEM-related professional opportunities in both academia and industry. The program is free for the schools, making volunteers essential contributors in every classroom visit.

The APPLE program needs you!

More volunteers are needed to help the APPLE program remain successful. “Even if you can volunteer for just one day, you could make a difference,” Price said. “We need more business leaders, engineers, scientists and college students – really anyone in a STEM-related career or academic program – to help students picture themselves as a scientist in a lab or a businessman launching a biotech startup one day.”

APPLE volunteers will receive training in August so they can help with the lab activities when they visit an area high school. To learn more about how to serve as an APPLE volunteer, contact Dasi Price at, or sign up by clicking on the button on the right.