CVH-logo-1Conversant Bio

Education Level: Undergraduate

Hours per Week: 30

Number of Positions Anticipated: 2


As a member of the Laboratory Team, this position’s primary responsibility will be to perform a variety of tasks to support long-term initiatives that are designed to improve the overall efficiency of ConversantBio’s Lab. This position will require an enthusiastic person with a great attention to detail.
Other responsibilities will include:

  • Consolidation of BioBank samples in Vapor Phase and -80C freezers while tracking these efforts within a database.
  • Preparation of archived microscope slides and embedded blocks for review by our Pathology team.
  • Accessioning a variety of samples to prepare for testing and review.
  • Reviewing and interpreting hospital records (physician notes, pathology reports, and laboratory reports).
  • Ensuring compliance among site coordinators in clinical information entry and document redaction standards.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patient identification and medical information.
  • Building and maintaining a good working relationship with colleagues in the Laboratory Team and CBio.


  1. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in a life sciences field.
  2. Exposure to/familiarity with molecular diagnostic and testing platforms.
  3. Experience with PC and/or Mac operating systems.
  4. Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
  5. Work independently or with a team.
  6. Self-motivated, efficient, and balanced.
  7. Ability to handle high stress situations with ease while maintaining a positive and productive attitude with those who you interact with on a daily basis.