Institute launches “Partners of Progress” volunteer program

Nearly 30 future volunteers turned out for the institute’s first-ever volunteer workshop.  Earlier this month, these ‘Partners of Progress’ learned more about HudsonAlpha’s three-fold mission of genomic research, educational outreach and economic development.  They also enjoyed an extensive tour of the 270,000 square foot facility.

While these individuals come from different backgrounds with different strengths, their reasons for helping are the same: They want to make a difference for HudsonAlpha and our community. The HudsonAlpha team is looking forward to providing opportunities that will allow these volunteers  support the HudsonAlpha mission.  Volunteers work on behalf of the institute, participating in everything from event support to fundraising.
If you are interested in becoming a HudsonAlpha volunteer, please call Cheryl Schultz at (256) 327-0443.

Pictured above, HudsonAlpha "Partners of Progress" volunteer corps: JoAnn Bauer, Donald Bollenbacher, Dr. Mary Bossard, Jim Cooper, Dian Derrick, Ninka Giraudet, Mary Graves, Lisa Hashman, Carol Johnson, Karol Kapustka, James Kennedy, Emily Key, Hope Kinch, Kathy Lami, Cathy Layfield, Kyrin Maijala, Robert Middleton, Cary Page, Rosemary Puckett, Nancy Rohr, Lester Ross, Stephen Self, Jody Smith, Ashley Townsend, Nancy Walters, Lynne Williams, Dr. Harold Zappe.  Not pictured: Gloria Batts, Don Beaver, Kimi Fletcher, Susan Leighton, Jack Montgomery, Melinda Seigler.