HudsonAlpha Associate Companies

A major element of the HudsonAlpha mission is to support life science entrepreneurs and companies to improve their potential for success, as evidenced by more than 30 Associate Companies doing business within the buildings on campus. Two measures of HudsonAlpha’s success are: growth in the number of life science companies and the average tenure of a company on the Institute’s campus. In 2007, HudsonAlpha began with five associate companies and by the beginning of 2016 this number had grown to 31. The average length of time that companies have been associated with HudsonAlpha has risen to 4.5 years in 2014. The average tenure of associate companies has increased each year even with the acquisition of several successful companies.

You’ll Be in Good Company

More than 30 life science companies call HudsonAlpha home. HudsonAlpha associate companies bring unmatched diversity to Huntsville’s high-tech community, and provide a significant impact on life science work happening around the state. Associate companies work in a wide range of life science sectors, providing biospecimens to research scientists, offering diagnostic services to physicians, and developing and testing biopharmaceuticals and medical devices. These special capabilities make North Alabama’s only biotechnology research institute one of the most cutting-edge genomic centers in the nation.

Associate companies at HudsonAlpha apply the principles of biotechnology toward clinical trials for research labs, medical labs, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, companies at the Institute use the latest technologies (including robotics) to detect bio markers for certain conditions, and to develop innovative therapeutics for the treatment of diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, and ALS.