Genomics has yielded unprecedented insight into what makes us, and the world around us, work in the past two decades of discovery. Each new breakthrough offers vast potential for improving life as we know it, but that is just the beginning of the journey. Taking what we know and transforming it into solutions representing significant advancements in health, well being and livelihood is the ultimate destination.

HudsonAlpha has opened its research space to associate companies that transfer discoveries in the lab into products and services that touch people’s lives. HudsonAlpha is a place where researchers and entrepreneurs share more than just space; they share next generation sequencing technology. They share ideas. They share in the desire to discover and to advance the fields of genomics and genetics for the good of everyone.

Speed to Market

The goal of the Enterprise mission area of HudsonAlpha is to decrease the velocity of speed to market between ideas and discoveries generated in laboratories, so that patients—and society—can benefit more wholly, and more rapidly. By creating a physical space (the campus) that breaks down the physical distance between science and entrepreneurship, the Institute increases the likelihood of this transfer. As has been seen consistently in practice, securing a critical mass of talent is key to sustainable economic development. Achieving critical mass hinges on recruiting to and retaining on campus life sciences or biotechnology companies, fostering new biosciences/technology start-up companies, and advocating in economic development channels for attention on the life sciences and biotechnology sector.