HudsonAlpha to host 3rd annual Immunogenomics conference

Huntsville, Ala. ━ The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology will bring together more than 200 leading researchers from around the world on Sept. 28-30, 2015 at the 3rd annual HudsonAlpha Immunogenomics conference.

Immunogenomics lies at the intersection of immunology and genomics and explores the ways in which the human genome interacts with disease.

The conference will feature HudsonAlpha faculty investigators Devin Absher, PhD, and Jian Han, MD, PhD; along with keynote speakers Bruce Beutler, PhD, from the University of Texas, Southwestern and Matthias Mann, PhD, from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry.

“Immunogenomics has become a world class conference and the sessions this year are outstanding,” said Absher. “The HudsonAlpha campus, designed for collaboration, is a great venue for an event like this. Everyone who comes here is impressed with the facility design and the extensive scientific research that is done. ”

Jian Han is a pioneer in immunogenomics. He will discuss new discoveries in his research related to the Repertoire 10,000, or R10K project, which is an international collaboration to identify T- and B-cell receptor sequences that can serve as biomarkers for diagnosis.

“Everything is related to the immune system,” said Han. “Our immune system is the smartest and best doctor around and if we can learn from the best, we can be better.”

Keynote speaker Bruce Beutler is an award-winning scientist who discovered an important family of receptors that allows mammals to sense infections when they occur, for which he received the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Beutler said conferences such as Immunogenomics help scientists better understand recent technological advances.

“Genetics remains near the start of a golden age,” said Beutler. “If one wants a comprehensive understanding of immunity, genetic methods must be used to probe immunity.”

HudsonAlpha president and science director Richard Myers, PhD, said conferences such as Immunogenomics are important for not only sharing science and growing collaboration, but also to showcase HudsonAlpha, Huntsville and Northern Alabama.

“Our campus itself houses nearly 30 life science companies, and is located in one of the largest research parks in the country,” Myers said. “We know the researchers who attend the conference, spend time at HudsonAlpha, tour the area and dine under the Saturn V rocket are very impressed with all we have to offer, and we want them to share those experiences when they return home.”

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Immunogenomics 2015 is sponsored by: Bay City Capital, iRepertoire, Illumina, Decheng Capital, Adaptive biotechnologies, Advanced HPC, Merck, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham CAMBAC.

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