HudsonAlpha seminar details challenging cases in hematopathology solved by cytogenetics, molecular diagnostics

Madina Sukhanova, PhD, FACMG, delivered a seminar on challenging cases in hematopathology. Specifically, the lecture focused on cases where cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics “came to the rescue.” Sukhanova is Assistant Professor of Pathology at the Feinberg School of Medicine. She is also the co-director of cytogenetics and assistant technical director of molecular diagnostics at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Hematopathology is the study of diseases concerning blood cells, including  their production. Sukhanova specifically address cases where clinicians looked to molecular diagnostics, which relies on biomarkers in the genome, or cytogenetics, which encompasses how chromosome relate to cell behavior.

This seminar was hosted by HudsonAlpha Faculty Investigator Elaine Lyon, PhD, and Irina Vasenkova, PhD, of Kailos Genetics.