HudsonAlpha researcher Jian Han, M.D., Ph.D., teams up with UAH researcher to identify invasive plant species

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — University of Alabama in Huntsville assistant biology professor Dr. Leland Cseke and HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology researcher Dr. Jian Han have joined forces to identify invasive plant species that are sneaking into the United States because they look just like desirable crops or ornamentals.

Using a machine developed at the Institute, Dr. Cseke’s research team at UAH is developing molecular methods akin to plant forensics or DNA fingerprinting to identify harmful invasive plant species that are poseurs. The machine is made by iCubate, a company that was spun off from work done at the Institute by Dr. Jian Han.

“We named the company and the product iCubate because it may also be used as a verb,” said Dr. Han. “Instead of incubate it, iCubate it.”
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