iCell® for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Released

HudsonAlpha in partnership with Digital Radiance is proud to announce the release of HudsonAlpha iCell® for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download the app here or by searching for iCell in the App Store on your device or iTunes.

Computer and networking technology continue to deliver remarkable increases in performance at decreasing cost. This exponential trend has and will continue to benefit schools through the physical deployment of computers in classrooms. The education system is now wired and ready for the next stage of computer-based and distance learning technologies, namely the interactive software and content that will fulfill the promise of computers in the classroom.

The goal is to help every student, regardless of location, learn in ways that best match their individual learning style and pace, while empowering teachers to serve as mentors and guides rather than strictly as lecturers and test administrators. HudsonAlpha educators, working in partnership with Huntsville-based Digital Radiance, are currently developing a software technology and associated curricula that will greatly enhance computer-based biotechnology education.

The technology is HudsonAlpha iCell®. This software is provided as a free tool to schools and individuals. The current version is now available here. HudsonAlpha iCell® is an interactive, 3-D animated cell simulation that can be explored on a typical desktop or laptop computer in much the same way that the popular 3-D Google Earth software lets users explore the entire Earth. Additionally, iCell® is now available as an app on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

HudsonAlpha iCell® provides an exceptional interactive learning environment for teachers and students to explore and understand the inner workings of a typical animal cell. Unlike flat, static images from a textbook, iCell® offers a full 3-D representation of cellular components and their dynamic interrelationships, giving students a compelling interactive context in which to learn fundamental cellular biology concepts. iCell® is particularly useful in distance learning applications, allowing student and teacher to collaboratively study cellular biology concepts in a shared, online, 3-D virtual environment.