HudsonAlpha exploring the genescape of the brain – Birmingham Medical News

Jacob Loupe, PhD

HudsonAlpha scientists secured a grant to create a high quality map of relatively unexplored genetic regions of the brain, specifically looking for the effects of Alzheimer disease.

Jacob Loupe, PhD, a senior scientist at HudsonAlpha, spoke with the Birmingham Medical News about how scientists from the labs of Rick Myers, PhD, and Greg Cooper, PhD, are working to map out parts of the genome found in the brains of Alzheimer patients with funding from the National Institutes of Mental Health.

“We are also looking for a different type of gene that modifies how other genes behave. A person can have a copy of a gene implicated in a brain disease, but whether and when that gene is expressed and to what degree can depend on the epigenetic effects of a constellation transcription factors,” Loupe said.

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