HudsonAlpha educator elected president of Alabama Science Teachers Association


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Education Specialist Madelene Loftin is the new president of the Alabama Science Teachers Association.

The Alabama Science Teachers Association (ASTA) is a professional organization promoting excellence and innovation in science education. Loftin, along with Vice President for Educational Outreach Neil Lamb, Ph.D., and team members Michele Morris, Ph.D., and Dasi Price attended the ASTA “Imagine the Possibilities” conference this month, bringing together teachers, researchers and educational administrators to spread research-informed best practices in teaching and learning.

“Our main goal is to get information to science teachers about things happening in science education research and provide professional development for teachers,” said Loftin of the mission of the ASTA.

The state of Alabama is currently adopting a new science course of study, and with changes comes new challenges. The ASTA recognizes the challenges faced by Alabama educators, and as ASTA president, Loftin can help prepare educators by familiarizing them with updated content and providing classroom-tested strategies.

“Every kid deserves to have rich experiences in their science classrooms, and the way to make that happen for every single kid is to equip every single teacher to provide that,” Loftin said.

Loftin’s new position at the ASTA helps HudsonAlpha continue to be an advocate for a growing genomics industry. The Institute works to influence opinion leaders through proactive outreach, and forming partnerships with science centers, universities and organizations such as the ASTA, provides continuous education.