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HudsonAlpha was the vision of Jim Hudson and Lonnie McMillian, entrepreneurs and friends with a shared love of science. The announcement of the creation of the Institute came in 2005, and the doors opened in 2008. We are grateful to Jim Hudson and Lonnie McMillian for recognizing the power of genomics and the need to bring new discoveries to the marketplace and to patients. Lonnie McMillian’s incredible generosity, along with the State of Alabama, provided the funding needed to make the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology a reality.

Located in the nation’s second largest research park, Cummings Research Park, the institute is the cornerstone of the 153-acre CRP Biotech Campus. A not-for-profit organization, HudsonAlpha has a four-fold mission of conducting genomics-based research to improve human health and well being; implementing genomic medicine, sparking economic development; and providing educational outreach to nurture the next generation of biotech researchers and entrepreneurs, as well as to create a biotech literate public.

[icon_timeline][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”January 2000″][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Steps down from his company”]Jim Hudson, founder and chief executive of Research Genetics, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama, steps down from his company post when Research Genetics merges with Invitrogen Corp. Prior to the merger, Research Genetics had become the world’s leader in genetic linkage products and an integral partner in the Human Genome Project coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”2004-2005″][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Anonymous, donations totaling $80 million.”]With stewardship anchored by the Alabama-based Alpha Foundation, Hudson and other principals plan in earnest to create a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization that will utilize high-throughput genomic technologies to cultivate advances in personalized medicine. Anonymous, private donations totaling $80 million pledged.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”January 19, 2006″][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Groundbreaking ceremony for HudsonAlpha”]Groundbreaking ceremony for HudsonAlpha; also formally established the CRP Biotech Campus.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”September 12, 2007″][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Dr. Rick Myers named director of HudsonAlpha.”]Dr. Rick Myers, professor and chair of genetics at the Stanford University School of Medicine and director of the Stanford Human Genome Center named director of HudsonAlpha.[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”November 9, 2007″][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Ribbon-cutting for HudsonAlpha”]Ribbon-cutting for HudsonAlpha Associates Wing and announcement of 12 resident companies. With 12 companies, lease space is filled and expansion plans are under development..[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_sep time_sep_title=”April 24, 2008″][icon_timeline_feat time_title=”April 24, 2008″]Formal grand opening ceremonies.[/icon_timeline_feat][/icon_timeline]


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