High School Students Educational Experiences

Biotech Academy

The HudsonAlpha Biotechnology Academy is an intensive, four-week active learning experience held annually in June and July designed to introduce high school rising juniors and seniors to the foundations of molecular genetics, DNA barcoding, genetic engineering and synthetic biology at no cost.

Students work closely with scientists and educators in a hands-on, technique-based environment, allowing ample time for discussions and analysis of experimental results.

Some of the topics covered at the 2015 Biotech Academy will include:

molecular biology, microbiology techniques, bacterial transformation, enzymatic reactions, restriction enzyme digestion and analysis, DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing, bioinformatics, protein purification

For more information or with questions, please contact Breanna Ruhlman at bruhlman@hudsonalpha.org.

Summer Short Course

Come and dig into the science behind synthetic biology during our new three-week Summer Short Course at HudsonAlpha!

Registration for the 2016 Summer Short Course will open March 9th at 8:00 am and close June 1st at 5:00 pm, or once we reach capacity.

Register for Summer Short Course

Synthetic Biology is one of the newest fields in the world of science. It is best described as the intersection of engineering and biology with a promising future focused on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges in health, energy and agriculture. The Short Course will highlight key design challenges in synthetic biology and provide interaction with research labs and biotechnology companies working in the field.

Try your hand at some of the techniques that support synthetic biology:

DNA extraction, restriction enzyme digest and analysis, bacterial transformation, PCR Amplification, bioinformatics

Requirements: Students must have completed grade 10, 11 or 12 during the Spring of 2015.

Cost: $400. Non-refundable deposit of $100 will be paid upon registration.

Apply for Financial Aid

HudsonAlpha wants to support students who can benefit from the program but are unable to afford the entire summer program fee. Tuition assistance decisions will be based on demonstrated financial need and extenuating circumstances,  and it will reduce the tuition from $400 to $100.