Genetic Resources to Empower Alabama Teachers — GREAT — workshops update high school teachers’ genetics knowledge by highlighting recent scientific findings. Teachers will be introduced to applications based on these discoveries through two days of small group concurrent sessions and talks by HudsonAlpha educators.

Genomics in the Field

The fourth round of GREAT workshops, GREAT: Genomics in the Fields, focuses on food and fuel. Learn how agricultural genomics is being implemented to face the challenges of finding renewable energy and feeding a world of more than seven billion.  This workshop brings modern genomic research into your classroom and provides opportunities for students to investigate challenging biology concepts using stories about food. Designed to dig deeply into Alabama Biology Course of Study Standards 11 and 14, teachers will leave GREAT: Genomics in the Fields with the tools and materials to bring science-rich agricultural content to their classrooms.

Questions addressed at GREAT: Genomics in the Fields include:

  • How have man’s interactions with the plants and animals that make up our food shaped both them and us?
  • What is a GMO? How are they made?  How do I talk to my students about this?
  • How is biotechnology changing agriculture?
  • How can educators bring modern genomic research into their classrooms using items from the grocery store produce aisles?

Classroom resources:

  • Investigate Aluminum Tolerant corn using bioinformatics tools to find the genetic causes of varied response to aluminum soils with the provided pilot kit.
  • Simulate testing a food item for the presence of genetically modified corn or soy products using HudsonAlpha’s GMOD (paper version).
  • Access to HudsonAlpha’s newest digital resource Agricultural Timeline Technology Challenge (ATTC) that overlays the Progress of Science® Timeline with challenges to use available biotech tools to solve specific agricultural challenges.

Workshop Locations

Huntsville- September 13-14, 2018

Birmingham- October 23-24, 2018

Montgomery- March 12-13, 2019

Mobile- October 1-2, 2019

Tuscaloosa- March 10-11, 2020 –> Registration opens January 7th

GREAT workshops are made possible through support from the State of Alabama. They are available for teachers at Alabama accredited, public high schools. This round of GREAT Workshops (Genomics in the Fields) is specifically tied to standards from the Alabama Biology Course of Study and focuses on content related to genetics and the applications of genomics and biotechnology to agriculture. Eligible educators who complete the two-day workshop will receive substitute teacher cost reimbursement of up to $70 per day and return to the classroom with student-tested lesson plans, hands-on materials and classroom supplies.

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