Governor Kay Ivey visits HudsonAlpha

Governor Kay Ivey made HudsonAlpha her first stop on her Huntsville “Listen, Learn, Help and Lead Tour,” which is a series of visits to cities and towns in Alabama.

Governor Ivey met with about 50 community and government leaders from the Huntsville area in a reception at the Institute. She then toured HudsonAlpha with its executive team to learn more about the Institute’s mission, achievements, and impact on the State of Alabama.

HudsonAlpha president Dr. Rick Myers led the tour and provided an overview of its four missions.

Dr. Neil Lamb, vice president for educational outreach, discussed his team’s various projects in counties and school systems across the state, and demonstrated some of the tools that have been developed specifically for students here.

“What you are doing is so important for our students,” said Governor Ivey.

The governor also learned about genomic medicine, and the ways in which HudsonAlpha is directly impacting clinical care through the Smith Family Clinic, the Clinical Services Lab, and research programs such as CSER and AGHI. And she got a sneak peek at the progress of the new building under construction on campus, for which the State of Alabama provided a large amount of funding.

The purpose of the governor’s tour is to “learn the needs of the community through site visits and a roundtable discussion with local government and business leaders,” according to a release from her office.