27 Aug 2020

HudsonAlpha Foundation hosts webinar on plant science and sustainable agriculture

On August 25, the HudsonAlpha Foundation hosted “Zoom In: Agriculture in Alabama.” During the presentation, three of HudsonAlpha’s plant science and sustainable agriculture researchers presented on Agriculture in Alabama. HudsonAlpha’s two newest faculty members were welcomed and they shared fascinating stories about plants and their genomes. HudsonAlpha scientists also shared their vision for supporting new crop development for Alabama’s farmers.

HudsonAlpha’s plant science and sustainable agriculture program is growing at a pivotal time in plant genomics, and the Institute is poised to make exciting new discoveries. If you would like to support these promising new initiatives, please click here. Philanthropy enables researchers to explore new ideas and leverage discoveries into productive partnerships for farmers and growers in Alabama and around the world.

You can view a full recording of the program here. Please share with friends and contacts who might be interested.