Pancreatic Cancer

The role for metabolic reprogramming in drug resistance

Integrated genomic and metabolomic methods in pancreatic cancer

It has been understood for decades that small molecules are useful for the diagnosis of disorders of inborn metabolism or cardiovascular disease, but metabolites can also be useful for the diagnosis and characterization of diseases not traditionally thought of as metabolic disease. The Sara Cooper Lab and others have begun looking for changes in small molecules that correlate with disease. We are particularly interested in metabolic changes that occur in cancer and how those changes contribute to disease progression and patient response to treatment. Our current work in this area is focused on 1) characterization of metabolic profiles associated with pancreatic cancer and how the peripheral fluids from pancreatic cancer represent metabolic changes in primary tumors and 2) integrating metabolic and transcriptomic measurements to identify metabolic shifts critical to tumor initiation or progression.


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