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Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Neuropsychiatric Disease

Integrated Omic Analysis

Combining genomics and metabolomics

The Sara Cooper Lab is focused on integrating metabolomic and genomic data to understand the role that metabolism plays in human disease, with an emphasis on cancer. Our lab members have expertise in both biological and computational analysis, and we partner with clinicians to maximize the impact that our work has for patients. We have developed computational methods for integrating these data and applied these tools in pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and neuropsychiatric disease. Our expertise in genomics and data analysis have been successfully matched with our clinical collaborators at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who are our partners in our cancer studies. Our combined experience in the clinic, in the lab and in computation put us in a unique position to fully understand the rich genomic and metabolomic datasets.

Lab Members


Sara Cooper

Faculty Investigator

Ryne Ramaker

Graduate Student

Emily Gordon

Research Assistant II

Alicia Carrubba

Lab Associate I

Bobbi Johnston

Lab Alumni

Karin Bosma

Lab Alumni

Taylor Smith

Lab Alumni

Christina Pickering

Lab Alumni


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