Myers Lab

We develop and apply high-throughput DNA sequencing and analysis technologies to study the genetics and genomics of human biology and disease.

Disease-Related Research


The Myers Lab is at the forefront of basic and clinical investigations into human biology and disease. Using cutting-edge genomic technologies and high-throughput next-generation sequencing, we are advancing understanding of gene regulatory systems and how these mechanisms are altered during inception and progression of human disease. One facet of our laboratory is technological development, in which we create innovative techniques to examine molecular entities both individually and genome-wide. We are active members of the ENCylopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Consortium, producing genome-wide measurements of gene expression, transcription factor binding, and DNA methylation to identify and characterize functional elements within the human genome. We are also comprised of an experienced team of computational biologists that analyze large datasets effectively using the latest developments in analytical tools. Through our application of these genomic resources, we are enhancing our understanding of the biology of human disease and discovering clinically translatable genomic signatures that may impact the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


The Myers Lab is supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (P30CA013148,P50GM115279, R01CA200653, R01MH110472, U01HG007301, U01MH105653, UL1TR001417, and UM1HG009411), the CHDI Foundation, Inc. (A-11369), the Pritzker Neuropsychiatric Disorders Research Fund LLC, and the Daniel Foundation. The content of this website is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the sponsors.

Lab Members


Kathy Rader

Executive Assistant

Michelle Amaral

Senior Scientist

Laurel Brandsmeier

Research Associate III

Carolyn Brazell

Graduate Assistant
Nick Cochran, PhD

Nick Cochran

Senior Scientist

Roshan Darji

Associate Computational Biologist

Natalie Davis


Ben Henderson

Postdoctoral Fellow
Brittany Lasseigne, PhD

Brittany Lasseigne

Senior Scientist

Jacob Loupe

Senior Scientist

Shelby Lauzon

Research Associate

Mark Mackiewicz

Senior Scientist

Megan McEown

Research Associate I

Sarah Meadows

Research Associate IV

Dianne Moore

Research Associate III

Bryan Moyers

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kim Newberry

Research Associate III

Scott Newberry

Comp Services Team Leader

Chris Partridge

Senior Scientist

Amy Ridgeway

Research Associate II

Lindsay Rizzardi

Senior Scientist

Brian Roberts

Senior Scientist

Ivan Rodriguez Nunez

Senior Scientist

Emily Ross


Dmytro Starenki

Senior Scientist

Sarah Strange

Research Associate III

Former Lab Members and Trainees

Devin Absher
Joy Agee
Anita Bansal
Kevin Bowling
Alayne Brunner
Laura Bull
Margit Burmeister
Amanda Casto
Patrick Collins
Sara Cooper
Kenny Day
Ursula Edman
Krysta Engel
Jian-Bing Fan
Shelley Force Alred
Shirin Ford
Karin Gaensler
Pablo Garcia
Sarah Garcia
Jay Gertz
Richard Goold
Jane Grimwood
Grant Hartzog
Megan Houseweart

Carlo Iannicola
Preti Jain
Rosalind John
Dave Johnson
Chris Karlovich
Ingrid Keseler
Melin Khandekar
Marie Kirby
Yuya Kobayashi
Evonne Leeper
Jun Li
Zhen Li
Simone Marticke
Susan Masters
Luke Messer
Mike Muratet
Norma Neff
Rosie Nguyen
James Noonan
Robert Otillar
Flo Pauli Behn
Emily Pauli
Len Pennacchio
Andy Peterson

Catrin Pritchard
John Quackenbush
Tim Reddy
Dan Savic
Jeremy Schmutz
Diane Schroeder
Jin Shang
Peggy Shelbourne
Rebekka Sprouse
Nancy Stone
Anne Strehlow
Laura Stuve
Holly Tabor
Nathan Trinklein
Martine Usdin
Katherine Varley
Kelly Williams
Virginia Willour
Spencer Yost
Fan Zhang
Jie Zhang
Ning Zhu
Jian Zuo