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Educational outreach relating to genetics, genomics and biotechnology
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Faculty Investigator

As the vice president for educational outreach at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Neil Lamb, PhD, unites the two subjects for which he has the most passion: education and science.

“I am trained as a human geneticist, and I love the science,” Lamb says. “But I’m happiest when explaining genetic or biotech concepts to a group of students or healthcare professionals or to the man or woman at the supermarket.”

Lamb realized when he was a faculty member at Emory University that his true calling was to inspire a passion for human genetics and biotechnology in others. He switched to full-time science education, and he never looked back.

In 2006, while the HudsonAlpha building was still under construction, Jim Hudson called Lamb to the worksite and gave him a hard hat. The two men climbed up three stories on the outside of the building. They toured a few spaces and chose the location for the education lab.

“I was captivated by the vision of a place that was going to do incredible science, to grow life science companies, to train the next generation of our workforce and to create a more genetically literate society,” Lamb says.

In order to achieve those goals, Lamb and the educational outreach team created a suite of learning tools including innovative teacher training, student experiences, public enrichment, classroom kits and digital resources that re-shape how science education is delivered.

Back in those rooms chosen before the doors to HudsonAlpha were even hung, Lamb has carved out a space that showcases the best of science education. “We reach over 600 teachers every year with content and materials for their classrooms,” he says. “We put information in the teachers’ hands that’s too new to put in a textbook, and we create some of the most amazing student experiences you will find anywhere.”

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