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Name: Liz Worthey
Phone: 256-327-9736
Location: 601 Genome Way, Huntsville, AL 35806

Name: Jessica Merritt
Phone: 256-327-9736
Location: 601 Genome Way, Huntsville, AL 35806

Liz Worthey, PhD

Clinical and translational use of genomic data

Liz Worthey, PhD, is a faculty investigator and the director for software development and informatics at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. She is interested in developing new tools for interpreting genomic data. Worthey leads her team in supporting the informatics goals of the institute as well as the clinical mission to provide definitive diagnoses for patients. Worthey received her PhD in genetics from Imperial College London in 2003 and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute at the University of Washington, working on both eukaryotic genomics and other high throughput “omics” projects. In 2008, after working as a project manager for Merck & Co., Worthey joined the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) as senior research scientist and became an assistant professor of pediatric genomics in 2010. Worthey became director of genomic informatics for the Human and Molecular Genetics Center at MCW in 2012. She also holds an adjunct assistant professorship in the computer science department at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and adjunct assistant professor positions within the department of pediatrics and department of genetics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

2005 Postdoctoral Fellowship, A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Wellcome Trust, HHMI headquarters, MD

2005 Postdoctoral Training Course and Summer Research Program in Molecular Evolution, MBL, Woods Hole, MA

2005 Postdoctoral Fellow in Genomics, University of Washington, Seattle

2000-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow in Genomics/Bioinformatics, SBRI/University of Washington, Seattle

2003 PhD in Genetics, Imperial College, University of London, UK

1996 Postgraduate Diploma in Genetics, University of Birmingham, UK

1994-1995 Graduate Researcher in Immunogenetics, Oxford University, UK

1994 Postgraduate Researcher in Molecular Biology, University of Glasgow, UK

1994 BS with Honors in Immunology, University of Glasgow, UK

1993 Undergraduate Fellow in Immunology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2015-Present Faculty Investigator and Software Development and Informatics Program Director, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Huntsville, AL

2015-Present, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Department of Genetics, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2014-Present Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics and Administration, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2012-2015 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2010-2015 Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Associate professor position approved, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2008-2010 Senior Research Scientist in Bioinformatics/Genomics/Clinical Informatics, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2005-2007 Project Manager and Scientist in Genomics/Clinical Informatics, Merck & Co, Rosetta Site, Seattle

2014  Semi-finalist in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest

2014  Medical College of Wisconsin Departmental Pediatrics nominee for Women Pioneers in Science Award

2014  CDC & ATSDR Honor Award for Excellence in Partnering on Standardization of NGS based Clinical Testing

2013  Top Genomics Scientists to follow on Twitter

2013  MCW Department of Pediatrics Pew Scholar Award Nominee

2012  National Academy of Science’s Frontiers in Science Symposium invitee

2012  BizTimes IQ Award for Innovative Software for developing software that will impact the practice of medicine

2012  BioIT National Bioinformatics award for development of innovative software

2011  National Genetic Alliance Genetic Innovator award for Clinical Genomics

2010  International Society of Computational Biologists nomination for Killer Bioinformatics Application Award

2007  Nomination by MRL Executive Director for Merck & Co. Inc. Teamwork Award

2007  Merck & Co. Inc. Special Achievement Award

2006-2007  Merck & Co. Inc. Award for Affymetrix Development and Implementation Team

2006  Merck & Co. Inc. Special Achievement Award

2006  Merck & Co. Inc. Award for Excellence

2005  Burroughs Welcome Fund – Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scientific Management training grant.

2005  Article on protozoan genomics was Science Directs 4th Hottest Article in 2005

1998  British Genetics Society Travel Scholarship, Human Genetics POP meeting, Nottingham, UK

1997-2000  Medical Research Council (UK) Doctoral Training fellowship for study into the Triplet Expansion Disorders

1995-1996 British Council Postgraduate Genetics Training fellowship

1993  Nuffield Foundation Research Scholar award for fellowship studies at Stanford University

1993  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation undergraduate research fellowship

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