Jian Han Lab

Technology development to advance medical science

The Han Lab has developed two patented multiplex PCR technologies (temPCR and armPCR) that allow many pairs of primers to work together in one system to amplify multiple targets with minimal amplification bias. Using this core technology, our team developed and was the first to apply for a patent for an mPCR-based immune repertoire amplification method to generate NGS libraries. We then developed a suite of software for data analysis, error removal and visualization of results. We have developed algorithms to describe the immune repertoire quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitatively, we use a diversity index to describe the degree of a sample’s repertoire diversity. Qualitatively, we developed a sharing index, which allows for the identification of shared CDR3 (T or B cell receptor antigen binding site) as biomarkers for disease diagnosis.

Lab Members


Wenjing Pan

Sr. Scientist