Employee Spotlight: Jerica Vaughn, Database Associate

What inspired you to apply for a position at HudsonAlpha?

Jerica Vaughn

Right before I worked at HudsonAlpha, I was at Clearview Cancer Institute. I did reception there, so I got really close with all the cancer patients. A lot of them did Information is Power and went to the Tie the Ribbons event and stuff like that. That’s what originally got me interested. 

What does your job consist of?

I process all of the donor gifts into the Foundation. I also help maintain the database with donor information. I send out the acknowledgements when people send in gifts to the Foundation, and I send out the thank you letters. I’m kind of support for Advancement. 

What set you on your career path?

I wasn’t satisfied with my original career choice I didn’t feel like I was doing anything for anybody. I didn’t feel good about myself, like my job. So, I think getting into a field where I feel good every night when I go to sleep, I feel like I’m working for someone who’s making a difference.style=”font-weight: 400;”> That’s what I needed. I need something where I feel like we’re helping people. That’s kind of the path I knew I needed to be on.

What do you enjoy most about your job? What makes HudsonAlpha unique?

It’s the people that we work with. I have never worked somewhere where every single person that we talk to, interact with, and pass are so kind. They genuinely care about what you’re doing and what you’re working on.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in their career? 

Just keep at it and keep trying and something will fit. There’s a lot of different areas and things we (HudsonAlpha) do, and there’s something for everyone.

To learn more about career opportunities at HudsonAlpha, visit hudsonalpha.org/career