Career Interview:
Describe the school in which you taught last year.
Hoover is a 6A HS. It is full of the most wonderful students, supportive administration & staff a teacher could ask for.
What excites you most about teaching science?
Watching students have those “aha” moments and seeing them get excited about science.
What drew you to the HudsonAlpha Educator in Residence program?
The opportunity to be immersed in all the latest and greatest in biotechnology for a year!
What has been the most challenging aspect of being the Educator in Residence at HudsonAlpha?
Learning how to write for a larger audience than that found within the walls of my classroom.
What has been the most exciting aspect of being the Educator in Residence at HudsonAlpha?
Everything! From being a part of the development team for the Hudson Alpha HS biotechnology kits, to watching those kits distributed across the state by ASIM and knowing that I have been able to play a part in getting biotechnology and genomics content into the hands of Alabama’s teachers and students. The ability to attend scientific talks from some of the top minds in biotechnology was a continuing highlight of my time at Hudson Alpha, as well as the many friendships made.
How do you think this experience will impact your teaching going forward?
I believe it will forever change the way I teach.
Was the experience valuable to you as a teacher in the sciences?
Jennifer Carden
Biology Certified Teacher