GREAT: Standards

The third round of GREAT workshops, GREAT: Standards, focused on the genetics and genomics content and the instructional shifts in the new, 2016 Alabama Course of Study: Biology standards. Held during the 2016-2017 school year, the GREAT: Standards workshop has concluded. We will announce a new round of GREAT professional development workshops with exciting new content that will begin in Fall 2018.


Questions addressed at GREAT: Standards included:

How do students develop and use models to understand the structure and function of cell membranes?

How do genetic and environmental factors interplay in risk for common complex disease like diabetes and heart disease?

Can we engage students in data analysis to make real world decisions?

How are genomic variants analyzed in a clinical laboratory setting? Can I model that in my classroom?

How will my current lesson plans meet the new course of study? What modifications can I make to increase course of study relevance?

What tools are available to help me implement the new course of study?

Workshop Registration

GREAT workshops are made possible through support from the State of Alabama. They are available for teachers at Alabama accredited, public high schools. Educators who complete the two-day workshop will receive substitute teacher cost reimbursement of up to $70 per day and return to the classroom with student-tested lesson plans, hands-on materials and classroom supplies.


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