Educational Outreach trains 57 teachers on using Touching Triton® in science classrooms

HudsonAlpha’s Educational Outreach team hosted a Touching Triton® teacher training session on Tuesday, January 26 in the auditorium. Adam Hott, Madelene Loftin and Kelly East guided educators through the activity, demonstrating how it can be used in science classrooms.

The training reached 57 teachers representing more than 604 years of classroom experience from 35 high schools in 15 Alabama counties who annually teach 7,955 students.

The game builds understanding of common complex disease risk, influenced by factors from family history, environment and genomic data. Students synthesize data from these sources to inform lifestyle choices and medical intervention strategies in the setting of a long-duration space flight mission.

Educational Outreach will hold one the next free, one-day training session for Touching Triton on Thursday, April 7.