#Personalizedmedicine offers the promise of customizing disease management, treatment and possibly even prevention. Learn more about #personalizedmedicine and sign up today for a #HudsonAlpha virtual field trip

Drawing tech people into genomics! @HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge https://t.co/qHhyMWNgDc Grow with us!


Did you miss the inaugural HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge? Check out this video about the event featuring HudsonAlpha, Urban Engine, and challenge participants.

There are a number of ways to support #HudsonAlpha’s research. Make a gift to #HudsonAlpha this #Thanksgiving

The clinic team is usually united, but not this week! Happy Thanksgiving from Smith Family Clinic and may the best team win! #IronBowlWeek #RollTide or #WarEagle?


We are honored to be a part of the Hope Grows Garden! Thank you for the opportunity and all that you give to communities across the world, @hudsonalpha https://t.co/1d7VWhFdHO

WATCH: #HudsonAlpha scientists discuss how computer science is changing #genomics @APTV @AplusCR #compsci

Just in time for #Thanksgiving! Join @genome_gov TODAY @ 1pm ET for a @RedditScience AMA on #familyhealthhistory. Turkey Day is the perfect time to learn more about diseases that run in your family! https://t.co/HkuNW7eix1

What is a #genome? #HudsonAlpha’s @neillamb explains in @tedxhuntsville talk “Exploring the Genome”

Did you know? @BillGates is investing $50 million in #Alzheimer disease. Learn more about how #HudsonAlpha is attacking #Alzheimer in three ways

We are so grateful to community supporters like @HT_Twickenham for their support of HudsonAlpha's Hope Grows Garden for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Honor a loved one today on the double helix

Great progress on 800 Hudson Way/Propst Center for Precision Medicine. https://t.co/PscfT03NTI

Got a sneak peek of the new building at 800 Hudson Way today. Thank you @BrasfieldGorrie for all of your hard work!


Registration is now open for “The Management of Rare Diseases” symposium hosted by @ChildrensAL @uabmedicine @cctsnetwork @AlabamaRare #HudsonAlpha. The March 2 session will have a scientific focus & March 3 will be centered around patients and caregivers

More people eligible for FREE #genetic cancer risk testing #InformationisPower @KailosGenetics @WAAYTV

Space changes how genes are expressed https://t.co/NJFEJFszI6

Thanks for a great week. Signing off now, but it has been a pleasure talking #genomics, computational #biology, #bioinformatics, #MachineLearning, #STEM #education, and #professional development in the #academy w/ you! Feel free to reach out to me @bnlasse. Happy weekend!

Great visit today with the @UNAHonorsProg !

Join @TommyBattle for the first Tinsel Trail Trot 1-Mile Race and Fun Run! Register today and enjoy trees on the Tinsel Trail and holiday decorations in Big Spring Park. #HealthyHuntsville

1 of 7 households in the US is affected by a #neurological disorder like #Alzheimer. #HudsonAlpha is working to change that number with the Impacting Alzheimer Disease campaign.

Curious about professional development opportunities for #postdocs? Tweet your questions to #HudsonAlpha’s Brittany Lasseigne @biotweeps

@hudsonalpha @katmullican Is @katmullican in the right back corner? Can't wait to see her live at #HPEDiscover!

The Prevailing Winds Flute Ensemble giving a special performance at #HudsonAlpha today. See if you can spot our own @katmullican !

How to 'get' #professional dev? Some training progs have courses:
Here @hudsonalpha #postdocs are invited to take @UABNews 'Lab Management' course https://t.co/vTB6s6McVL
So useful thinking about business of #science (budgets, conflict management, etc.)

WATCH: Breast and ovarian cancer patients share their stories of hope at #TietheRibbons. Tissues needed for this emotional journey.

Heading to the Welcome Reception at @AMPath are @iCubate Corporate Workshop presenters Carter Wells/CEO-iCubate; Fran White/MDC Assoc; Steve Young, PhD/TriCore; Paul Granato, PhD/LACNY and Matt Conover, PhD/iCubate #AMP2017 Shout out to Melissa Unz, BS/LACNY on video!

@KailosGenetics I just missed the cutoff but my wife was able to participate in the #informationispower free genetic test screening @hudsonalpha

Did you know? @Huntsvillecity is one of the top tech cities in the nation. Watch @tommybattle State of the City 2017 https://t.co/fFUE2vHDrc

Thank you, Brian Roberts, for speaking to the #HudsonAlpha #Connections group today about the latest #cancer research in the @RickMyers_PhD lab! Interested in becoming a Connections member? Check out our website

Honored to lead off at the @iCubate workshop #AMP2017 @AMPath in Salt Lake City. Outstanding panel discussing the benefits of @iCubate platform and iC-GPC assay! https://t.co/CMa3NJYL5i

Fantastic first day at #AMP2017 @AMPath - standing room only at the @iCubate workshop - thanks to panelists Dr. Paul Granato, Dr. Steve Young, Fran White and Dr. Matt Conover. Learn more about @iCubate today, come by Booth 1009!

Students & #tech professionals team up to hack #genomics at inaugural #HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge @WHNT

Did you know? Today is #WorldPancreaticCancerDay. Learn more about how #HudsonAlpha’s @sjcoop1 and @RickMyers_PhD labs identified a new biomarker that distinguishes between two very different types of #pancreaticcancer @waff48

Check out this story in @BusinessAlabama about new #Alabama companies, including #HudsonAlpha associates @GeneCapture and Serina Therapeutics, that are up and running with winning innovations and investor funding

Tweet your #genomics questions to @biotweeps where #HudsonAlpha’s Brittany Lasseigne is taking over the account until November 18!

#HudsonAlpha’s @HowardJacob_Phd talks #raredisease and the future of #genomicmedicine in @mendelspod interview

Welcome to #AMP2017 in beautiful Salt Lake City! We’re excited to be here. Be sure to come to Cocktails and Cassettes tonight at 4:00 in 250A!

Thank you @iHeartMedia for making #HudsonAlpha the chosen charity for your inaugural “Girls and Guitars” event and supporting Information is Power!

Great presentation today from @NancyGenetics. She'll speak again at the Genomic Medicine Conference March 26-28. Register today! @GMConf #GMConf2018


Listening to NancyCox (Vanderbilt) give a great seminar @hudsonalpha: "How will we use genetic info when we routinely have it available on everyone (and don't have to justify the cost of genomic testing)?"

@hudsonalpha Most departments also have a seminar series where #researchers visit to present their #research

Today we are excited to welcome #ASHG president and @VanderbiltU researcher @NancyGenetics (Nancy Cox) to hear about integrating omics and biobank #data

Glad to have @NancyGenetics of @vusm presenting today at the #HudsonAlpha research seminar

@hudsonalpha @HAEdOutreach @UAHuntsville @AthensState We also collaborate with New Century Technology High School to help #students learn about #bioinformatics and computational #biology. This magnet #school in #Huntsville #Alabama offers this unique class in collaboration with @hudsonalpha. I got to guest lecture-was awesome!

Did you know? Today is #NationalPhilanthropyDay. Make a gift to #HudsonAlpha and text GIVE to 21000

Did you know? Today is the two-year anniversary of @SmithGenomicMed! Learn more about how the clinic is bringing answers to patients through #genomicmedicine

Curious about @HAEdOutreach? Tweet your questions to @biotweeps where #HudsonAlpha’s Brittany Lasseigne is taking over the account this week

Did you miss #TietheRibbons? Here’s a recap of the event featuring @RickMyers_PhD @HowardJacob_Phd, @drjoymcdaniel and patient testimonials

Did you know? @BillGates is investing $50 million for #Alzheimer research. Learn more about his personal connection to the disease and how you can support Alzheimer disease research at #HudsonAlpha

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