Jessi Watts spent ten years taking seizure drugs that she did not need until #HudsonAlpha diagnosed her with #Rettsyndrome through the @hail_CSER project. We are honored to recognize Jessi as #DoubleHelixDash childhood champion this year! Register today

#HudsonAlpha #BioTrain internship leads to new career possibility for @JohnsHopkins grad student – Get to know Christy Pickering

Did you know? More than more than 2,500 men and women have participated in the #HudsonAlpha and @KailosGenetics #InformationisPower initiative to learn more about their #cancer risk. Thanks @RedstoneFCU for sponsoring #knowyourrisk

College students: #BioTrain applications close tonight at 11pm! Check out open positions and don’t miss the opportunity to connect classwork with real‐world job experience

#HudsonAlpha resident associate company @icubate earns @US_FDA approval for bloodstream infection detection test

Thank you @RickMyers_PhD for speaking to the Professional Advisors Council today! Interested in joining? Click here to learn more

Scientists develop additional #soybean reference genomes @hudsonalpha @USDA_ARS @PacBio @bionanogenomics @wustl @uwanews and Chinese University of Hong Kong

Did you know? The GTAC: National workshop is open to #Alabama private schools as well. Register today and update your #genomics #genetics and #biotech knowledge

.@GeneCapture CEO Peggy Sammon explains how @BioAlabama is looking to give new life to #econdev with state network @yhn

Fantastic news! @hudsonalpha genomics teacher training now offered nationwide through GTAC: National Academy. #biotech #Education #CRPHSV

#HudsonAlpha launches national educator academy @HAEdOutreach

@hudsonalpha Yes! A great dialogue with Geoff Duyk and CEOs of companies at the HudsonAlpha campus

And the results are in! Congrats to #HudsonAlpha resident associate company @ConversantBIO for being a Best Places to Work contender. Register today for the awards luncheon @huntsvillealcoc

Patients @SmithGenomicMed received some sweet treats & #ValentinesDay cards from New Century Technology HS students "My students have been very excited to learn about genomics & thought it was really cool that their hometown has a genetics clinic” - Emily Mason, science teacher


"You're doing something RIGHT at #HudsonAlpha" -Geoff Duyk

It's all about collaboration here at #HudsonAlpha ! Always great to hear what the innovative #biotech companies are up to

Happening now: roundtable discussion w/ #HudsonAlpha Scientific Advisory Board member Geoff Duyk & resident associate companies


Don’t miss Shawn Levy’s @agbt presentation tonight at 7:30! Levy will present, “Single cell transcriptomics of human pancreatic islets reveals novel cell populations.” Learn more #AGBT18

Thank you to Shawn Levy of @hudsonalpha, Emmanuel Martin of @Integragen, Michael Wiley of USAMRIID & Christine Malboeuf of @FoundationATCG for speaking at our workshop today! #DontSettle #AGBT18


The Code of Life summer camps are now full, but you can still register for the advanced camps: The Secret Lab and I Want to Work in a Lab Coat

"AGBT has truly come full circle as we used to talk about sequencing whole genomes and now we are talking about storing the information within those genomes in DNA as data!"
Shawn Levy of @hudsonalpha at our #NGS launch
#AGBT18 #AGBT2018 #DontSettle

WATCH: #HudsonAlpha #genomicmedicine efforts are bringing answers to patients and families across #Alabama @SmithGenomicMed @hail_CSER

Catch #HudsonAlpha tech director @peytonmcnully’s #TRICON presentation today at 2pm: “Cloud 2.0 We Broke the First One. So, We Replaced It with This…” @TriConference

Did you know? #HudsonAlpha launched the #HeroFund on #RareDiseaseDay in 2016. Thanks to an anonymous donation, the Hero Fund has provided answers to @SmithGenomicMed patients in need. Make a gift today

Gene editing next week #Biotech201 Join the livestream @HAEdOutreach with @neillamb

#HappyValentinesDay from HudsonAlpha!

Registration is now open for Middle School Biotech Camps! @HAEdOutreach has three camp options for middle school students including 1) Code of Life 2) I Want to Work in a Lab Coat and 3)The Secret Lab. Spots fill up fast so register today

So awesome ... we’ve got the entire digital age represented in our audience for #Biotech201 #punchcardtothumbdrive. What’s next ?

Can we use biotech to eliminate our clutter ? Better believe it #Biotech201

We love #biotech201 season! So many people here to learn from @neillamb about what Biotech can do

Did you know ? Your DNA could help predict your appearance - hair color, eyes, face shape and more! #Biotech201

How Can Biotech help solve crimes !? @neillamb has the answer #BioTech201

We are just moments away from kicking off #BioTech201 @HsvMeetings with @neillamb @HAEdOutreach

Time to start #Biotech201 @hudsonalpha! Let’s talk about how biotech is used to solve crimes and to store information

We're about 30 minutes away from #Biotech201! @neillamb will discuss how we can harness the power of #biotechnology to solve crimes. We’ll be live tweeting each session so join the conversation and tag your tweets #Biotech201

If you haven’t applied for a #BioTrain internship, what are you waiting for? Check out open positions, get your letters of recommendation in and apply before applications close February 15 at 11pm

If you cannot attend the entire @hudsonalpha Genomic Medicine Conference, day passes are available. Get the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday day pass and attend talks, exhibits, and enjoy lunch and break refreshments #GMConf2018

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Research Seminar featuring cat geneticist Dr. Leslie Lyons of @missouristate. Dr. Lyons’s work on cat population genetics was developed into a @NatGeo special, “The Science of Cats.” Check it out

Did you know? #HudsonAlpha offers 3 Middle School Biotech Camps for students. Registration opens tomorrow at 8am. Spots fill up fast so set your alarm to reserve a spot for Code of Life, I Want to Work in a Lab Coat, or The Secret Lab (formerly UDSO)

Today is the day!!! Can’t wait to hear what @neillamb has in store for us in session 1 of #Biotech201 tonight!! So grateful for the amazing partnership between @HAEdOutreach & #ALScienceInMotion - I will be glued to the livestream at 6:30

Article from @GenomeMag talks #cancer risk testing, #BRCA and the #InformationisPower initiative with #HudsonAlpha genetic counselor @Kelly_M_East

#Biotech201 kicks off tonight! @neillamb has some awesome surprises in store for the next four weeks. Here's a sneak peek

@RickMyers_PhD from @hudsonalpha revels GeneMatcher, a cool way to match Data and samples on genes that can connect rare disease reachers #AGBT18

RM: Shifting gears to "mutation detection" i.e. genome sequencing, and gives a nod to Levy and Cooper labs @hudsonalpha, and the @hail_CSER project to unravel the genetics behind unexplained and complex pediatric disorders #AGBT18

First up for Day 2 of #agbt18 is Richard Myers from @hudsonalpha on “Human gene regulation: A journey from basic research to biomedical applications”

First up is @RickMyers_PhD from @hudsonalpha speaking on human gene regulation: the journey #AGBT18

#HudsonAlpha's @RickMyers_PhD presenting now at #AGBT18 ! @agbt

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