Digital Resources

A suite of free digital and online activities developed at HudsonAlpha

HudsonAlpha iCell  

Why use flat images from a textbook when you can explore cell structure in 3D? HudsonAlpha iCell, one of Apple’s featured biology apps on the iTunes® Education market, allows students to explore representative plant, animal and bacteria cells with vivid 3D models. iCell is available on multiple platforms and has been downloaded over 3 million times around the world. Download iCell on your Apple® or Android® device, to your Windows 8® tablet, as a Mac® or Windows® program or visit

The Progress of Science

The Progress of Science is an online timeline that details over 200 major accomplishments and milestones in genetics and biotechnology during the past 10,000 years. The digital timeline is an interactive navigation tool that offers details on each major event and links out to other online resources where available. The timeline is frequently updated, keeping the content current for classroom discovery. Access the Progress of Science timeline at


Build your own genome, or walk ours! GenomeCache® combines the challenge of a scavenger hunt with the human genome. It allows anyone to create up to 20 walkable paths that explore the human genome with over 150 challenging questions, a leaderboard and themed paths. The digital activity combines clues, fun facts and trivia questions to create an engaging learning experience. Download GenomeCache on GooglePlay or visit

Touching Triton   

With this engaging online interactive game, participants work together to ensure the health and safety of a deep space crew while learning about the genetics of common disease. Touching Triton teaches the complexity of common disease risk from family history, environment and individual genomic profiles. Players begin to understand how genetics and lifestyle choices affect their health. Visit to play.

*Touching Triton was made possible through funding from NIH Grant Number 8R25 0D018981-02, Lockheed Martin and HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Genome Gateway

Genome Gateway enhances the power of genomic medicine for patients and physicians with a powerful online communication and education platform. Patients can use the software to complete their initial paperwork, fill in family history, and engage in educational activities. Physicians can communicate with their patients and share educational resources that could help a family learn about their diagnosis and treatment options.