Diatherix Laboratories debuts ABRx™ Antibiotic Resistance Panel

Novel test detects 17 multidrug resistance genes to help combat antibiotic resistant bacteria

HudsonAlpha associate company Diatherix Laboratories, LLC, a leading provider of multiplex diagnostic solutions, has launched the ABRx™ Antibiotic Resistance Panel, a diagnostic test for detection of 17 antibiotic resistance genes. Used on properly collected specimens taken directly from the infectious process, the ABRx™ Panel can enhance result times and diagnostic accuracy, providing physicians and pharmacists with clinically important information to benefit both patient outcomes and hospital quality measures.

“Failure to properly identify bacteria’s underlying gene resistance mechanisms can result in treatment failure and a cascading series of negative outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, payors and the general population,” said Diatherix Laboratories’ Chief Executive Officer Dennis Grimaud. “With utilization of the ABRx™ Panel, clinicians can make better informed treatment decisions that can lead to improved patient health, reduced hospital stays, decreased readmissions and overall costs. Most importantly, it can help assist in slowing the frightening pace of antibiotic resistance.”

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