Below are the exhibitors for CROPS 2019. Make plans to visit the vendors to learn more about the latest tools and techniques for integrating data into crop applications.

  1. NRGene
  2. Neogen
  3. Illumina
  4. Pacific Bioscience
  5. Dovetail Genomics
  6. Benson Hill
  7. Data in Science Technologies
  8. Arbor Biosciences
  9. Conviron
  10. DNAnexus
  11. The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase)
  12. Joint Genome Institute Department of Energy
  13. iGenomx
  14. RAPiD Genomics
  15. Agilent Technologies
  16. HudsonAlpha


NRGene helps breeders maximize their yield through genomics solutions. Our turnkey solutions make genomics accessible and usable for every breeder. Thanks to our advanced algorithmics and extensive proprietary databases, we are able to guide breeders to better results in record time. As a result, our customers generate stronger and more productive crops and animals. Partnering with us, you’ll benefit from our accumulated knowledge and proprietary databases. Our set of highly efficient, cutting-edge tools and services includes high quality genome assembly, diversity analysis, comparative and predictive analysis and genotyping. At the CROPS conference we are going to introduce new and exciting products that will boost the quality and efficiency of your breeding process even more.


Neogen offers world-wide genomics services and DNA testing solutions focused on high quality data, rapid turnaround time, all at an affordable price. As a global leader in plant and animal based genomic testing, we offer the platforms, services and expertise needed to enable research and innovation. Genomic testing facilities at Neogen offer a number of different testing platforms, including array based genotyping, next generation sequencing options and development of custom assays. When exciting discoveries and new insights are made, we also provide the strategies and resources to bring those new findings to market for the greater good of the agricultural community. We look forward to discussing your research needs and ideas at CROPS 2019!


At Illumina, our goal is to apply innovative technologies to the analysis of genetic variation and function, making studies possible that were not even imaginable just a few years ago. It is mission critical for us to deliver innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Next-Generation Sequencing and Microarray technologies are engines of discovery and powerful tools for applying discoveries to crop improvement. Illumina is the world leader in both. Come by our booth to meet our friendly and experienced staff to learn more about our rapidly improving systems and how our solutions could help further your plant research and breeding programs, assist in understanding pathogen and pest management, or conservation studies.


NOW AVAILABLE: The PacBio Sequel II System, powered by Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) Sequencing technology featuring the single-molecule resolution, superior accuracy, long reads, and uniform coverage necessary to advance scientific discovery. Visit the PacBio booth at CROPS to learn about:

  • Project affordability: Sequel II generates  ~8-times more data per SMRT Cell than the original Sequel II System
  • Faster results: reduced project time
  • The HiFi difference: highly accurate long-read sequencing data
  • RNA Sequencing with confidence: full-length transcripts with no assembly required

PacBio long-read sequencing provides the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes to enable access to the full spectrum of genetic variation.


At Dovetail Genomics (an EdenRoc Sciences Company) we use proprietary proximity ligation approaches to de novo assemble plant and animal genomes to chromosome-scale. Over the past 6 years, we have delivered over 1000 genome assemblies across hundreds of taxa to our customers. We can build a de novo assembly from scratch or, if an assembly exists, we can improve both the contiguity and accuracy of that assembly using ChicagoTM and DovetailTM Hi-C scaffolding libraries and our HiRiseTM software pipeline. We are now using DovetailTM Hi-C to reveal the 3D chromatin structure of the genome, and to map structural variation in an unbiased way genome-wide.




CROPS attendees will have the chance to meet with data scientists and breeders from the Benson Hill team to learn about the analytics behind CropOS, Benson’s crop design platform. Breed, powered by CropOS, is a cloud-based, predictive breeding platform that leverages genomic selection and machine learning to reduce development costs and time to market. Proprietary and pertinent public data are combined to give unprecedented insight into a population’s genetics and enable breeders to target all their breeding goals simultaneously. Breed is designed as a user-friendly, customizable, and infinitely scalable cloud-based solution that positions breeders at the center of the decision process. Edit, powered by CropOS, provides a more rational and efficient approach to target identification and implementation. By combining genotypic, phenotypic and ‘omic data, Edit leverages the powerful predictive analytics of CropOS to identify genes which control for a phenotypic outcome of interest. We encourage attendees to stop by the Benson Hill booth to learn how we’ve validated these applications, ways in which we incorporate new literature, and how attendees can leverage CropOS in their R&D programs.


DST, Data in Science Technologies supports some of the largest brands in the industry for Genomic, Cancer, and Pharmaceutical Research by remotely managing their High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. The mission of DST is to utilize state of the art tools, proven methodologies and senior level engineers to make sure the HPC tool is at peak performance so scientist do more science. DST has provided expertise, problem resolution and architecture design for some of the largest private and public HPC clusters in the world. Unlike other organizations focusing on a fraction of the HPC environment, like storage or GPU technology, DST takes a holistic approach, understanding the full complement of tools around the HPC ecosystem.


Arbor Biosciences is a development and services company founded by scientists to serve our peers in molecular biology applications. We are a passionate organization of scientists determined to deliver cost-effective, user-friendly products to researchers of genetics and agrigenomics. During the CROPS 2019 conference we will be introducing our new myBaits® Expert Wheat Exome Panel for next-generation sequencing of wheat developed in conjunction with the International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC). We will also feature our myNGS Guides™ gRNA pools for targeted sequencing of large genomic regions which can be difficult to resolve with conventional sequencing methods. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and develop a custom solution for your unique research question.


Conviron is the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled environment systems for plant science research. Conviron’s reach-in plant growth chambers, walk-in rooms and Argus Control Systems (a Conviron company) provide precise, uniform and repeatable control of temperature, light, humidity, dehumidification, CO2 and other environmental conditions. Applications include plant growth, entomology, tissue culture, germination and other research where tight environmental controls are required. Backed by a global distribution and service network, Conviron’s reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms and other controlled environments can be found in more than 90 countries around the world. Learn more at or contact to learn how we can provide you with a solution that meets your needs.


DNAnexus offers an end-to-end genome informatics solution with access to tools and datasets to build and run your analysis workflows. We make it easy to seamlessly stream NGS data from your instruments to the cloud and work securely with global collaborators to solve your genomic challenges faster. As your bioinformatics partner, we collaborate with you on complex genome assembly, structural variation analysis, and physical mapping to achieve complete and accurate views of all types of genomic variation. Our assembly partnerships include the USDA to deliver a reference quality genome for the maize population, which involves 26 cultivars found in the US. Visit our booth to learn more about our fast, accurate and cost-efficient reference-quality genome assembly services.


The Department of Energy Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase) is a free, open source and collaborative software and data platform for systems biology analysis of plants, microbes and their communities. It combines data and tools into a user-friendly interface that leverages DOE computational resources to perform sophisticated systems level analyses. KBase requires no prior experience or knowledge of coding to use, and it enable researchers to generate, test, compare, and share hypotheses easily inside a unified environment. Stop by our booth at CROPS 2019 to speak to KBase team members about creating a free account, learning how KBase can assist in your research, getting questions answered, and more!


The JGI Plant Program focuses on the fundamental biology of photosynthesis as well as characterizing ecosystems and the role of terrestrial plants in carbon sequestration. Additional research targets include, improving feedstocks for next-generation cellulosic biofuels production, e.g., from perennial grasses and forest plantation trees; the ability to respond to environmental change; how plants cope with toxic pollutants in soils; and the production of secondary metabolites. Access to the JGI’s resources is offered primarily through the Community Science Program (CSP), to provide the scientific community with access to high-throughput sequencing, DNA synthesis, metabolomics and data analysis for projects of relevance to DOE missions in nutrient cycling, sustainable biofuels production, and biogeochemistry. Projects are selected based on scientific merit – judged through independent peer review. For more information about the CSP and other JGI resources, see


iGenomx’s mission is to scale NGS Library Prep to keep up with the cost of sequencing. We are a molecular software company that is changing how scientists think about power calculations for their studies and how they spend their money. We help scientists improve their DNA sequencing through smarter NGS library construction. We specialize in precise library construction, providing better data and an easier workflow for smarter sequencing at a fraction of the cost. iGenomX initially sought to provide clinical sequencing for recessive genetic disorders. Compelled to develop a technology that is capable of detecting all genetic variation, iGenomX pivoted to begin work on a low-cost sample preparation technology.


RAPiD Genomics delivers holistic genotyping solutions to agricultural breeding and research programs of every species. We focus on adding value to our commercial partners and enhancing the research capacity of our academic clients by taking you from tissue (or DNA) all the way to reporting and analytics using next-generation sequencing. RAPiD Genomics has genotyped more than 200 species in more than 60 countries worldwide. Whether you are genotyping with established SNPs, developing new markers, or generating a new genome, the RAPiD Genomics technology pipeline guarantees that any species, at any stage of breeding, can confidently utilize genomic data for enhanced benefits. Visit our booth to learn more about:

  • Ultra high-throughput genotyping of up to 3,000 markers
  • Polyploid targeted breeding solutions
  • New Repetitive element genome depletion – 500% more effective than whole genome sequencing
  • Marker discovery and imputation
  • And more molecular breeding solutions


Agilent manufactures and sells products and  instruments that fuel AgBio genomic discovery and advancement, including sample QC, NGS library prep solutions and custom NGS panels, CRISPR and synthetic biology, qPCR and automation. The U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (JGI), an integrative genome science user facility of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, enables researchers worldwide to freely access multi-omics resources to solve the world’s most pressing energy and environmental challenges.


In addition to hosting the CROPS conference, HudsonAlpha is a nonprofit genetics and genomics research institute in Huntsville, AL where researchers, educators and entrepreneurs are dedicated to developing and applying scientific advances to health, agriculture, learning and commercialization. HudsonAlpha is home to more than 40 life sciences companies. In addition, the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) is a leader in de novo plant sequencing. To date, the HGSC has sequenced more than 110 organisms. Stop by our booth to learn more about bringing your life sciences company to our campus or joining our dynamic team of plant genomics researchers.