Industry Partners

As an independent research institute, we are able to be flexible and creative with our collaborations and recognize the specific needs of industry partners. There are a number of ways HudsonAlpha can help you, from performing entire sponsored research projects to providing genomic sequencing services or analysis.

Long-term strategic collaboration

Multiple research groups combine resources over a number of years and benefit from being in on the ground level for new intellectual property or product development.

Sponsored research

Sponsor a post-doc or Ph.D. student’s research project and share in the IP rights.

Short-term projects and contract research

Expand your pilot project or get help with troubleshooting.

Proof of concept (POC) projects

Risk management for long term investment in an R&D program. Quickly turn around small-scale POC projects to aid in go/no-go decisions with little investment.


Our researchers can advise you on troubleshooting, experimental design, data analysis or other projects.

Relocate to HudsonAlpha: set up a satellite office or research lab

Take advantage our uniquely structured campus with industry partners and academic research under one roof. Access resources including our specialists, other associate companies and a well trained workforce. Our economic development team can help you determine if relocation is right for you.

Request more information

Request more information or suggest a different type of collaboration through our collaboration form. We will contact you within 48 hours.