Collaboration helps power research, innovation and discovery. HudsonAlpha collaborates with both academic and commercial entities; to date, HudsonAlpha has partnered with more than 700 researchers and clinicians around the globe. Our expertise and depth in genomics creates additional value when paired with unique patient groups, targeted organisms for sequencing or analysis for large genomic datasets.

High throughput sequencing services

Large-scale genome sequencing is a core capability of HudsonAlpha. There are two distinct labs performing sequencing services at HudsonAlpha.

  • Genomic Services Lab: The Genomic Services Laboratory (GSL) produces high quality genomic data for HudsonAlpha’s scientists as well as for more than 800 clients from around the world.
  • HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center: the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) has sequenced and assembled de novo genomes for more than 100 species and is one of the few groups in the world able to do this.
  • Sequencing services include:
  1. Next-Gen Sequencing
  2. Genomic assay development
  3. Microbiome and metagenomics
  4. Genomic data analysis
  5. Biomarker discovery
  6. Metabolomics
  7. De novo genome assembly
  8. Agricultural genomics
  9. CLIA lab projects

Industry partnerships

As an independent research institute, HudsonAlpha is flexible and creative with our industry partner collaborations – from performing entire sponsored research projects to providing genomic sequencing services and/or analysis.

  • Long-term strategic collaboration: multiple research groups combine resources over a number of years working towards new intellectual property of product development.
  • Sponsored research: sponsor a post-doc or PhD student’s research and share in IP rights.
  • Short-term projects and contract research: short duration projects, expansion of projects
  • Proof of concept project: Risk management for long term investment in an R&D program. Quickly turn around small-scale POC projects to aid in go/no-go decisions with little investment.
  • Consultancy: Our researchers can advise you on troubleshooting, experimental design, data analysis or other projects.
  • Relocate or add a location: set up a satellite office or a research lab.Take advantage our uniquely structured campus with industry partners and academic research under one roof. Access resources including our specialists, other associate companies and a well trained workforce. Our economic development team can help you determine if relocation is right for you.

Academic collaborations

Partnering with HudsonAlpha’s specialists in clinical genomics, genomic research, computational biology and bioinformatics allows you to complete your experimental workflow through our world-class facilities and expertise.

  • Long-term collaborations and consortiums: multiple research groups combine resources over a number of years and benefit from working with thought leaders across institutions.
  • Short-term projects and contract research: expand your pilot project or get help to develop preliminary data for grant submissions.
  • Sabbaticals: work at HudsonAlpha for an extended period of time collaborating with our scientists and learning about genomics.
  • Consultancy: our researchers can advise on experimental design, data analysis and trouble-shooting.
  • Letter of support: Our genomics services laboratory can perform a number of sequencing assays including whole genome, RNA-seq and other.  Use the form submission to request a letter of support for your project.

Contact us

To explore collaborations with HudsonAlpha, contact:

Jessica Merritt

Business Development