Genomic Career Profiles

DavidWeaverDr. David Weaver, Professor, Department of Agronomy and Soils

Auburn University College of Agriculture

“Did I choose the career or did the career choose me? That is an interesting question. I have always been interested in science, and grew up on a farm. So the marriage of science and agriculture was a natural for me.”

LynnHoltLynn Hudson, Biotechnology Business Development Manager Intelligence Systems

Radiance Technologies, Inc

“Currently, the strongest demand in bioinformatics is for an individual with a degree in the life sciences and computer science/engineering, coupled with IT experience.”

DanielSharerDaniel Sharer, Ph.D., FACMG, Assistant Professor and Director

UAB Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Department of Genetics

“As a biochemical geneticist, my work specifically focuses on the diagnosis of inherited metabolic disorders, which typically afflict infants and young children, and often cause severe, even life threatening symptoms.”

BrettMcKinneyDr. Brett McKinney, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics

University of Alabama School of Medicine

“Computational biology is an exciting interdisciplinary field of research that integrates concepts from statistics, mathematics, computer science, and physics to solve problems in biology and biomedical research.”

CharlesWoernleDr. Charles Woernle, M.D., M.P.H., State Epidemiologist

Alabama Department of Public Health

“As a medical epidemiologist working at a state health department, I have investigated acute disease outbreaks; reviewed and analyzed data from reported, notifiable disease cases; and planned and implemented intervention measures to reduce the occurrence of preventable communicable diseases.”

BonnieHowardBonnie Howard, Public Health Environmentalist

Madison County Health Department

“I travel independently throughout the community to inspect food processing plants, hotels, restaurants, day care and nursing home food service facilities, jails, schools, night clubs and even body art facilities. Every day I am out meeting new people and seeing different things.”

LynnHoltLynn Holt, M.S., C.G.C., Genetic Counselor, Department of Genetics

University of Alabama at Birmingham

“I choose this career because I really enjoy the fast pace changes of science and genetics and I like to help people. I wanted a career that would allow me to be in healthcare but I was not interested in being a physician or nurse or working in a research laboratory setting.”

Leesa Davis, Cytogenetic Technologist

University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Fall in love with biology, chemistry, math and computer classes early. I use my degree every day. Biology–specimens/cell division; chemistry-mixing and usage of reagents in our protocols; math–measuring DNA; computers–capturing and karyotyping chromosomes.”

Kim-and-GuyDr. Guy Caldwell, Ph.D. and Dr. Kim Caldwell, Ph.D., Molecular Biologists, Assistant Professors, Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alabama

“I never set out to be a professor and researcher; I sort of stumbled into that job. However, I always wanted to know more about nature because I loved animals, rocks, planets, stars, fish, etc. So, in school I took a lot of science courses and along the way I just kept narrowing my focus as I found out what areas of science I liked.” —Dr. Kim Caldwell

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